Wireless & Battery Powered Uplighting

All Uplighting is not the same!

LED Up-lighting can drastically change the atmosphere of the wedding and the mood of the evening. Up-lighting makes a venue feel more intimate, fun and less intimidating when it is time to dance. These amazing uplights are battery powered, wireless and can be placed anywhere in the venue. No outlets needed. The uplight fixtures are white so they blend in well with any wedding decor. Since they are LED they never get hot to the touch. Placed in key locations along the floor the uplights provide beautiful columns of light on the walls and other decorative features in the room. This uplighting option can turn an ordinary room into extroidinary and add that extra pop of color needed to make the room look amazing for your wedding day.

In the wedding video below is a sample of my uplighting moving to the music and changing colors. A great way to add energy to a room for late night dancing. Please note during dinner the uplights will be set on 1 color to create an elegant atmosphere.

(Uplighting photo’s from a few of my past weddings)

uplighting gallery

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